I have changed the world,

I have changed the world, but strangely enough, instead of feeling satisfied, I am getting more and more lost day by day.
I am surrounded by researchers who come and go all the time. They keep asking me all kinds of questions. My life is not only research but also research.
I am now a national treasure talent, in order to prevent me from being assassinated or robbed by foreign spies, the state has sent one of the strongest SWAT teams to protect me, and my home and laboratory have also installed the most advanced security system.
I completely lost my personal freedom and privacy, and I had to be monitored even to go to the bathroom.
I can’t go back to my parents’ house either. I can only talk to them on the phone.
Because there is only research in my life, apart from the topic of whether I eat well, sleep well and be healthy, I am the only one left with any new scientific achievements, which they do not understand.
The distance between me and my parents is as big as from one end of the Milky way to the other!
I suddenly miss my life as an ordinary person: I haven’t played football like other children for a long time. I haven’t talked nonsense with Zhu Mingming for a long time. I haven’t heard Bai Gujing nagging me to study hard for a long time. I haven’t been punished to copy the text by the “old gentleman” for a long time. I haven’t participated in teacher Chang E’s quiz for a long time.
Unexpectedly, they all become very nostalgic.).
Sometimes, I will look at the teenager in the mirror.
He is gentle, but the glasses he wears are thicker than the bottom of the glass bottle. Is this really me?
Is that my Sun Xiaokang?
I am now an outstanding person, with a super brain and a life that everyone admires, but is this really what I want?
No, this kind of life is not what I want!
I suddenly felt a strong impulse to run away.
After a busy day in the dead of night, on my way back to my residence to have a rest, I first found an excuse to get rid of the guards who escorted me, and then took advantage of the cover of the night to sneak out of the Academy of Sciences.
Finally, I returned to my long-lost home.
When I opened the door with the key, my father and mother looked at me in surprise-they never dreamed that I would come home.
“Mom and Dad!”
I couldn’t restrain my excitement and pounced on them.
Dad said, “Xiao Kong, we thought we’d never see you again!”
The mother said, “son, you have lost weight.”
Did they torture you?
Really! ”
Tears welled up in my eyes: “Mom and Dad, I don’t want to go back anymore. I want to be with you!”
At this time, the door was suddenly knocked open, and a strange voice sounded behind me: “well, come with us if you don’t go back to the Academy of Sciences!”
I looked around. Oh, my God, several people rushed in through the door.
One of them, dressed in a white coat, sharp-eyed, with a hooked nose and tousled hair like a bird’s nest, bears an uncanny resemblance to the scientist in the movie.
Several others wore sunglasses, dressed in black and armed with guns, each of whom was a big man.
My father protected my mother and me with his body, drank loudly and asked, “who are you?”
“Eagle nose” said proudly, “I am the king of the lion camel, a cosmic biologist.”
I’ve been waiting for a chance to catch your son.
Because the defense of the Academy of Sciences is too tight, it has not been successful.
Today, I finally got the chance to take Sun Xiaokong back to study! ”
Take it back for study?
What does he want?
Treat me like a guinea pig?
My mother rushed in front of me and yelled at them, “No, you can’t take my son!”
Dad picked up the mop in the corner (he was looking for something harder, but couldn’t find it for a while) and said solemnly, “leave quickly, or I’ll call the police!”
However, my defenseless writer father and my elite mother, as a weak woman, are no match for the man in black at all.
The bad guys subdued my parents three or two times, and one of them gave a shot in the neck, and they immediately fainted.
I was so anxious that I shouted, “help!”
There’s a kidnapping, a fire, a fire. ”
I hope my neighbors can hear and come to save me.
However, a man in black gave me a shot, and I immediately blacked out and fainted.
When I woke up, I found myself lying on a special chair, my hands and feet fastened by metal bracelets.
The scientist stared at me brightly as if I were some delicious food.
I struggled and shouted, “what on earth do you want?”
Come on, let me go! ”
The mad scientist sneered at me: “Don’t be impatient.”
I suspect you are not an earthling, but an alien.
Say, what is the purpose of your coming to earth?
Are you going to attack the earth? ”
His imagination is obviously more abundant than mine.
“I am a fake earthling, not an alien!”
“No, it’s impossible. How can you be from Earth?
How can earthlings have such a smart brain as you?
Besides, I checked the information of Sun Xiaokang, and he turned out to be just an ordinary kid with a mediocre IQ.
I guess you’re an alien, invading his brain and controlling his body. That’s why you’re so different! ”
“I am really a man of the earth!”
I suddenly got nervous. They wouldn’t perform a human autopsy on me, would they?
“Aliens all say that they are people of the earth. This is something that everyone knows. Don’t try to deceive me.”
The mad scientist and his assistants operate all kinds of strange instruments, checking, scanning and filming me.
I was tortured by them for hours, and we were both exhausted. They untied me and let me go.
The result finally came out, and the science maniac’s assistant came in and reported to him: “report, we didn’t find anything unusual on him.”
It turns out that he is indeed an earthly person, but he has a superior IQ. ”
I looked proudly at the mad scientist, and now I must believe it.

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