In order to get close to him

“in order to change the miserable history of mankind and to save the last mankind, I came to your world in the time machine invented by our scientists, yes, the UFO that Sun Xiaokang saw that night.
At that time, I did two things: the first thing was that I sent a message to the future telling them that I was in the 21st century. Please rest assured.
This message was received by Zhu Ming at that time, but it was not fully received, so the latter part was garbled; the second thing, in order to avoid causing panic among mankind in your time, I emitted oblivion rays through a flying saucer. Let people who have seen the time machine forget this thing.
But for some reason, Sun Xiaokang remembered the scene.
That night, I found Ding Ning through the search device on the time machine.
In order to get close to him, I found Ding Ning’s girlfriend Gao Jing through the search device, and through the gene fusion device ten thousand years later, I integrated myself with her body.
In order to facilitate action, I put Gao Jing’s mind in a dormant state and only let my mind run in the body we share.
That’s why I’ve been acting weird and flawed during this time-I need to keep going back to Gao Jing’s memory bank to look for relevant information.
In addition, although Gao Jing and I are one, we are different people after all, especially when I come into contact with water, some of my genes will be restored, so sometimes I will become a mermaid.
Also, I suffer from pollution, so whenever I see someone doing something to pollute the environment, I will be very angry and burst into superpowers that humans of your time do not have.
Fortunately, my identity only aroused the suspicion of the three of you and was not discovered by more people.
As for Ding Ning, because we did not have much contact these days and quarreled every time we met, Ding Ning did not find that his girlfriend had been switched.
After the pollution monster discovered that I had come to the 21st century, he also invented the time machine and followed.
The monster Sun Xiaokang met in the swimming pool that day and the dozen people in black cloaks were pollution monsters from the sea and land, respectively.
Their attacks on human beings in the 21st century may break out in the near future, so you must be careful! ”
After the words of the mermaid, the images of the ocean around us disappeared.
We are back in the real world.
At this time, the sun is setting, all kinds of objects around are covered with a faint golden light.
Bing Rui’s words make each of our hearts become very heavy.
We did not expect that the deterioration of the environment would bring disaster to mankind in the future.
Ding Ning’s face turned pale. He covered his face and said painfully, “Oh, my God, I didn’t think I would be a sinner to all mankind!”
No wonder Jingjing.
No, it’s Bing Rui who wants to do everything possible to stop my new invention!
If it hadn’t been for her repeated reminders, I would have given my obviously flawed invention to Charlie! ”
“Don’t blame yourself yet,” Bai Gu Jing was calm.
In terms of psychological quality, she is smarter than me and Zhu, and even surpasses adults like Ding Ning.
She continued, “We have to find a way to get Bing Rui out.”
However, to find Bing Rui in such a big city is like looking for a needle in a haystack!
We were lost in thought and there was nothing we could do.
Zhu’s clever eyes fell on the bracelet.
His eyes lit up and said, “this bracelet is Miss Gao. No, Bing Rui gave it to Sun Xiaokang.”
Go to my house. I’ll use the instrument to study it and see if I can find the ice stamens through it. ”
“does it work?”
“give it a try!”
Zhu said, “Don’t forget that my computer once received a message from Bing Rui to the future. Maybe that message was sent through a bracelet.”
A dead horse is a living horse doctor!
There is no way, no matter whether it is useful or not, now we can only listen to Zhu Mingming.
We walked out of the graveyard, stopped a taxi on the road and got on it.
After arriving at Zhu Mingming’s house, Zhu Mingming tested the bracelet with his strange-looking instruments, looked up information on the Internet and buried himself in research.
We sat on his sofa and waited anxiously. No one spoke, and we felt that every day was like a year.
It was getting dark, the lights were coming up outside, and the neon lights were flashing.
Just when none of us was hopeful, Zhu Mingming shouted with surprise: “Great, this bracelet can receive Bing Rui’s brain waves!”
I used my computer to track her brainwaves and found that she was being held in a factory on the western outskirts of our city. ”
He pointed to the computer screen and an arrow on the electronic map showed the location.
“Oh, that’s a factory under Charlie’s name. I went there a few years ago.
Why didn’t I think of it just now? ”
Ding Ning said regretfully.
“there is no regret medicine in the world. Don’t sigh.”
Bai Gujing stood up and said firmly, “Let’s go, let’s go and save Bing Rui!”
Zhu Mingming grabbed the bracelet, picked up the computer and stood up from the experimental table.
The four of us were about to walk out when there was an earth-shaking sound outside the house.
We looked out of the window and were surprised to see countless black flying saucers in the darkening sky.
Bing Rui said that the pollution monster would attack us.
Are those flying saucers polluting freaks? ”
I said in surprise.
Whether it is or not, it is important for us to rescue Bing Rui first! ”
Bai Gujing said.
“Yes, if they are really polluting flying saucers, only Bing Rui knows what to do with them.
After all, Bing Rui is from the future. She has fought with the pollution monster and has experience! ”
The four of us rushed downstairs, and when we rushed downstairs, we saw that the flying saucers were all shooting huge beams of light towards the earth, and many gray, abscess-covered monsters, as if they had just crawled out of the mud, fell from the sky to the ground.
“it’s the pollution monster!”
I lost my voice and cried.
These guys are exactly the same as the monsters in black cloaks we saw in the woods that day, except that this time they were not holding lightsabers, but heavy weapons thicker than bodybuilders’ arms and capable of firing terrible beams!
UFOs and the sudden appearance of pollution monsters caused great panic among people.
Everyone ran around screaming.
Many people were hit by a beam of light from a polluting monster’s weapon and fell unconscious in the ground.

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